HVAC maintenance, much like car maintenance and servicing other machinery, should not be overlooked. Maintenance plays an integral role in keeping your heating and air system functioning properly, safely, and as efficiently as possible. Contact the HVAC experts at Comfort Max Heating & Cooling to schedule your next heating and cooling maintenance appointment. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Florence, Alabama

One of the best things about choosing Comfort Max for all your HVAC services is that we are a local business. So, when you work with us, you know you’re supporting a company that has a vested interest in your community. In addition, since we’re located right here on Howell Street, you know it’ll never take long for us to get to your property whenever you need us.

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HVAC Maintenance Appointment Checklist

Your HVAC maintenance appointment should be thorough. When you choose an HVAC service provider, you want to ensure that you’re working with a company that will thoroughly assess your system and make sure everything is working properly. That’s why we put together a maintenance checklist that was inspired by Energy Star’s guidelines. We always bring our checklist to every appointment and it includes the following: 

  • We Check Your Electrical Connections and Ensure they are Secure and Tight 
  • We Always:
    • Apply Lubricant to Your Bearings and Motors
    • Apply a Special Protective Coating to Your System
  • We Will Clean the: 
    • Condensate Drains
    • Condenser Coils
    • Electric Heat Strips
  • We Will Assess Your System’s: 
    • Refrigerant Charge
    • Motor Voltage & Current
    • Starting Capabilities
    • Heating/AC Cycles
    • Outdoor/Indoor Coils
    • Safety Functionality
    • Temperature Split
  • If We Need to, We Will Adjust the:
    • Pilot and Gas Pressure

Become a Priority Client

Comfort Max also has a priority client program that incentivizes our clients to sign up for a yearly service agreement. When you join this program, you’ll receive priority status and be eligible for special perks and discounts that are not available to the general public.

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